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Anyways, as I was advised to focus on positive things in my life, let me tell you a little story about how I have an English exam tomorrow. Tomorrow, yes. I am very positively still on page 37 out of 264 and I am also very positive about the fact, that I positively couldn’t give less fuck about it. :twisted:

I mean, if I am not able to communicate (oh, well, to blab) my way out of 15-minutes-speaking-exam, I’m positively not worth to pass it anyway. The attorney in me would also like to point out, that I read two books in English during the last week (not that it matters, I would do that in any case, but it makes me feel a bit more confident) and also spent some time talking to myself in English, while waiting for the food provider.

Also, I am very positive, that this is it with my learning. Next week I must also pass the reading, writing, listening and use of English exams, but I am 100% positive, that my mind won’t make the flip and become obedient enough to sit with me and learn. I think it lost that ability somewhere during Old Church Slavonic lessons. :twisted: I’m almost positive about that.

Enough with the positive thinking for today? No? Tough luck. I’m so out of here right now, need some positive vitamins and some positive fucking sunshine straight in my eyes.

Yes, positive is good. I should practise it more often. :mrgreen:

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